We offer boxed Marketing solutions customised to your needs. Do you want us to help you achieve better marketing results?
How can we help you?

We are happy to help design a custom marketing plan for your business.

We want to identify your perfect target market of current and prospective clients to create better direct marketing results.

There is a vast difference between paid advertising, PR, social media ads, paid promotions and result-driven Direct Marketing. If you can’t track your marketing results, you have no idea if your campaigns bring results.

Why are we interested in talking with you?

We offer this service because we are marketing consultants. We are a small ad agency specializing in helping clients attract and secure more prospects and sales. 

There’s a good possibility your market has a large section of under-served people who would be very responsive to the marketing plan we will be developing with you.

- Sincerely 21 Designs Team


As a start-up, 21 Designs aims to promote, grow, and expand all businesses irrespective of the scale of the business. The ultimate vision for 21 Designs is to have an impact in society from its employees to its clients, providing a 21st-century world-class service from the heart of Africa. Across the board, 21 Designs aims to promote all levels of lives and entities, ensuring a safe, respectful and fun workspace with service delivery and turnaround time being prominent to the pillars of the company. 


21 Designs is a start-up Digital Marketing company. Founded with the idea to take Africa into the new age. Many small businesses within our society remain small as they have not tapped into the extended audience through the internet using digital marketing strategies. 

Many businesses remain hidden not realising the impact they could be having on society. However, with the assistance of 21 Designs, these businesses will be given the opportunity to expand their networks, target market and ultimately improve their revenue, status, and way of life.

The Advertising and Branding Options :

The Direct Marketing Campaign Includes

• Optimized E-Commerce website
• Landing page for your offer
• E-commerce payment optimization
• Lead generation
• Advertisement visuals
• Ad placement and testing
• Copywriting of Lead Generation, Social media, Google, Newsletter ads and Sales Page Direct-Response Copy
• Campaign and result tracking

The Retainer includes:

Content Creation

• Monthly photography and video content

Social Media

• Weekly social media management
• Social media community management


• Weekly content writing and recipes ( Blog posts)
• Weekly Newsletter

Web Design

• Building  or optimising website
• Monthly management and updates

We can't wait to hear about your business. We would love the opportunity to help your business grow

- 21 Designs Team

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